About us

About us

TAG18 is a leader in its market environment, deeply rooted on the regional territory. It is the only sardinian company Associated with the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce, based in Bruxelles, with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hungary, based in Budapest, and with the ASSOEURO, the Italian Association of Euro Planners. Its head office is situated in Cagliari, with representative offices in Bruxelles and Budapest. Many are the collaborations and partnerships with local and foreign realities, with Regional, Provincial and Local Administrations, Union of Municipalities, Universities, Research Centres, Cooperatives, Public and Private Bodies. The team has achieved, throughout the years, a number of specializations in Bruxelles, on Management and Expense Report of the Europeans Funds, optimizing its knowledge on quality elements regarding project drafting, budget definition and financial reporting, and on Euro Planning 2.0 and Project Scouting. The flexibility of the service goes beyond the simple drafting of the project and, through the specific knowledge regarding the territory and thanks to a well-established transnational network, it accompanies those strategic design choices which are more functional for the creation of partnerships, by promoting the interaction between public and private. The company, in addition to the operational support regarding the project management and reporting, arranges the training of the local operators who execute the project. The company scouting action implies not only a deep knowledge of the market and of the dynamics of the procedures, but also the definition of possibile and legitimate strategies and paths to create a contact between the various Public and Private companies, aimed to the obtainment of a common goal.

Why Tag18

The acronym stands for The Advisors Group, while 18 indicates the year that the Company was born (2018). The name summarizes fully the modus operandi of the company, which utilizes, as a strong point, the operative synergy that comes from the fusion of different expertise and vertical specialised partnerships, both national and international, useful to have an overall strategic vision, needed for a optimal management of the process and fundamental for the reaching of corporate stated goals. That’s why we are the ideal partners to support SMEs and the public administrations to directly develop their innovative projects, European opportunities and, in general, all those integrated services of public administration assistance.

La nostra storia

Our history

Our company, “TAG18 Srls”, is the result of the initiative of the two founding members: Fabrizio CANETTO and Gualtiero MEDDA, whom, by joining their experiences and long-term professionality (both in the Pubblic and Private sector) and with the help of a team of qualified professionals, both local and international, who operate vertically in various sectors, have created a structure specialised in integrated services to SMEs and public administrations, in particular, all those specialized procedures linked to Education, Consultancy and European Planning, to Public–private Partnership and Project Scouting, to Strategic Planning and Assets Management, to Territorial Marketing and Internationalization, to the Juridic-Administrative assistance for public announcements, bids and tenders. 

Il nostro mandato

Our mission

Our goal is to identify new opportunities of development and rational management of the territory, by going beyond the ordinary standards of technical/administrative planning procedures, often conditioned by the overarching budgetary constraints, and to launch, through a short and long-term planning, direct, innovative and specific financial courses and opportunities, that can enhance the potentiality of the territory and allow the administrators to be promoters and innovators, and the functionaries to increase their own educational and professional benefit. In this sort of context, the opportunities are pinpointed not only exclusively in the National Strategic Framework, which outlines and determines the National and Regional Operational Plans, but also through the Euro-planning sector using the direct and sectoral European funding (managed directly by the European Commission) and by all the opportunities offered by the Public–private Partnership.

La nostra concezione

Our vision

Living in a globalized reality also means that we need to be aware of the opportunities that the European Union puts at our disposal. Having access to the international networks, we have the responsibility to channel the resources not only for our own initiative, but also to bring benefit to the entire territory, by triggering interesting economic conditions of development and innovation. It is a priority for us to support the public administrations, the SMEs and the citizens in creating the favorable conditions to let virtous economic mechanisms happen, through the punctual interception of possible channels of funding with strategic actions aimed to sustain the economic and social fabric of the territory.