Fabrizio Canetto

Fabrizio Canetto

CEO and cofounder

He specialized in Architectural and Urban planning and Design. He has worked with important figures and Public Bodies in Urban planning, restoration of the city centers and Tourism and Hospitality planning. After an important academic parenthesis, where he taught at INT (Institute for the New Technologies), at IED (European Institute of Design), at the University of Cagliari and at the Construction school of the Province of Cagliari, he focused on the Infrastructure and Public works, both as a freelancer and as a Public Administrator.

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Gualtiero Medda

Gualtiero Medda

Business manager and cofounder

He specialized in administrative and managerial proceedings of Expropriation and Public works for Municipalities and State Administration, consolidating his experience and technical education regarding planning and realization of Public works, gained first as an employee in the technical areas for some local authorities, and then as a freelancer for some important planning firms, both Regional and National, and companies.

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PIno Cossu

Pino Cossu

Quality and Logistic Consultant

He specialized throughout the years in the study, research and enhancement of the sardinian excellences, by organizing and managing the National and International export processes.
Many are his partnerships with Companies and Public and Private Bodies for the organization of promotional and B2B events both in Italy and abroad, handling the selection, quality and logistics.

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Marco Pillitu

Marco Pillitu

Financial Consultant

Chartered accountant expert in business economic planning with drafting and verification of Economic and Financial Plans dedicated to tenders and Project Financing investments. Responsible for training in tax and commercial law for business consultancy companies.

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Paolo Putzulu

Paolo Putzulu

Project Analist

Specialized structural engineer and university assistant at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of Cagliari. Safety expert in the planning and execution of public works. He fulfills the functions of Technical Consultant of the Court at the Court both in terms of civil law and estimation.

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Simona Mereu

Simona Mereu

Project Developer

Decades of experience in the field of civil design as an engineer specialized in verifying the technical compatibility of urban planning. In recent years she has specialized in the complex field of real estate valuations with International Standards (I.V.S.) both in support of expert activities at the Court and in support of the expert activities identified by Presidential Decree 327/01 for the construction of public works.


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