About Us

TAG18 is a leader in its market environment, deeply rooted on the regional territory. It is the only sardinian company Associated with the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce, based in Bruxelles, with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hungary, based in Budapest, and with the ASSOEURO, the Italian Association of Euro Planners. Its head office is situated in Cagliari, with representative offices in Bruxelles and Budapest. Many are the collaborations and partnerships with local and foreign realities, with Regional, Provincial and Local Administrations, Union of Municipalities, Universities, Research Centres, Cooperatives, Public and Private Bodies. The team has achieved, throughout the years, a number of specializations in Bruxelles, on Management and Expense Report of the Europeans Funds, optimizing its knowledge on quality elements regarding project drafting, budget definition and financial reporting, and on Euro Planning 2.0 and Project Scouting. The flexibility of the service goes beyond the simple drafting of the project and, through the specific knowledge regarding the territory and thanks to a well-established transnational network, it accompanies those strategic design choices which are more functional for the creation of partnerships, by promoting the interaction between public and private. The company, in addition to the operational support regarding the project management and reporting, arranges the training of the local operators who execute the project. The company scouting action implies not only a deep knowledge of the market and of the dynamics of the procedures, but also the definition of possibile and legitimate strategies and paths to create a contact between the various Public and Private companies, aimed to the obtainment of a common goal.

Why Tag18

The acronym stands for The Advisors Group, while 18 indicates the year that the Company was born (2018). The name summarizes fully the modus operandi of the company, which utilizes, as a strong point, the operative synergy that comes from the fusion of different expertise and vertical specialised partnerships, both national and international, useful to have an overall strategic vision, needed for a optimal management of the process and fundamental for the reaching of corporate stated goals. That’s why we are the ideal partners to support SMEs and the public administrations to directly develop their innovative projects, European opportunities and, in general, all those integrated services of public administration assistance.

What We Do

Our Team

He specialized in Architectural and Urban planning and Design. He has worked with important figures and Public Bodies in Urban planning, restoration of the city centers and Tourism and Hospitality planning. After an important academic parenthesis, where he taught at INT (Institute for the New Technologies), at IED (European Institute of Design), at the University of Cagliari and at the Construction school of the Province of Cagliari, he focused on the Infrastructure and Public works, both as a freelancer and as a Public Administrator. Many are his partnerships with the Sardinia Region, the Province of Cagliari, the University of Cagliari and some local authorities, directing, as a logical consequence, his work and his specialization towards Community Planning, Public-private partnership and Project Financing, refining his studies at the European Commission in Bruxelles, with Ancite and the Belgian/Italian Chamber of Commerce. He has organized and to taken part, as speaker, to many Seminars and thematic Conferences.


He specialized in administrative and managerial proceedings of Expropriation and Public works for Municipalities and State Administration, consolidating his experience and technical education regarding planning and realization of Public works, gained first as an employee in the technical areas for some local authorities, and then as a freelancer for some important planning firms, both Regional and National, and companies. He refined his juridical/administrative studies with his law degree, becoming an expert of the administrative proceeding aimed to the implementation of Public works, working as a support to the technical managers of several Local and Regional authorities and Public corporations, such as Anas Spa and Sogaer Spa. He optimized his specialization in other subjects, such as procurement, urban planning and municipal asset management, as a partner of a Law firm. He has also taught to technical professionals and municipal officers for AGELLPP and UNITEL, in many italian cities.


He specialized throughout the years in the study, research and enhancement of the sardinian excellences, by organizing and managing the National and International export processes.
Many are his partnerships with Companies and Public and Private Bodies for the organization of promotional and B2B events both in Italy and abroad, handling the selection, quality and logistics.
In 2001 he founded a company named Bontà Sarde, focusing on promoting, presenting and transferring to the best national and international companies the great Regional and National excellences. He then delved into the knowledge and quality of the products thanks to the partnership with Research (UNISS Sassari) and Protection (Presidio Slow Food) Institutes and he perfected his skills by specializing in administrative processes, which are necessary for the obtainment of the European and Internazional export license.
He is TAG18 Master Scheduler for the B2B events and the I.C.E. Reports.


Our Partners